Hello there, have we met?

I'm Dr. Megan Gray...

I am a board certified, practicing ob/gyn physician, mom of two cherubs, wife, educator and author.  I was where you are not long ago, except I had over 10 years of ob/gyn experience at the time of the birth of my first child.  I honestly thought I was well prepared for life after birth as a result of my training and experience with caring for patients.  I was soooo very wrong!!  Postpartum was incredibly challenging for me from sleep deprivation to breastfeeding to managing recovery from a cesarean section, I was blown away by the struggle.  My recurrent thought was "holy cow, I have not been preparing or supporting my patients through the postpartum period and beyond."  My why is the belief that women, babies and families deserve a healthy start after birth.  I truly believe that well supported, well adjusted mothers translate into happy and healthy babies and families.  It is my goal to make this happen, which means getting creative because the traditional medical model is not enough.  So, I'm reaching beyond the delivery room to provide education, encouragement and empowerment so that people can thrive and grow in the postpartum period and beyond.

If you are looking for more, wanting to live authentically and grow through the postpartum period, I would love the opportunity to support you.  Please check out all of the opportunities on this page to educate yourself on postpartum and motherhood.  When you are ready, I am here to encourage and challenge you to thrive in this season of your life and beyond.